Saturday, December 18, 2010


ske ati korangla nk bce ke idak..daku saje2 je buat :)

Yourself ? 

1. Real name: Nur Zahidah bt Md Azizan
2. Nickname: za,zahid,adik,n bla bla bla
3. Zodiac sign: taurus
4. Male or female: femalela
5. Elementary school: sk sri jaya k.knabalu, mgs2 melaka, skbu 2 jb
6. Highschool: smkbbu jb,smkrc ipoh, sbpi gopeng
7. College: Uia Pj
8. Hair colour: blonde(anda pcaya??hahahah)
9. Tall or short: malas nk jwb
10. Sweat or jeans: both
11. Phone or Camera: both juge $$$
12. Health freak: not really
13. Orange or apple: neither
14. Do you have a crush on someone?: ngahahaha..ntah
15. Eat or drink: Eat.
16. Piercings: nope
17. Pepsi or Coke: erk..ntah

Have you ever ?

18. Been in an airplane: yup
19. Been in relationship: yup
20. Been in a car accident: yes but bukan yg trokla..
21. Been a fist fight: erk??


22. First household chores: xsurelaa...
23. First best friend: pn xsure...da lpe nme kwn ak tu..tyme tadika kot..
24. First award: ntah..

25. First crush: erk..hahaha..biarlah rhsia
26. First word: tnye mak ak..
27. Last person you texted: my bro..
28. Last person you watched a movie with: my rumate
29. Last food you ate: lunch
30. Last movie you watched: Narnia yg sgt besh
31. Last song you listen to: erm..gee-snsd
32. Last thing you bought: my lunch
33. Last person you hugged: hmmmmmmmm..xigt


34. Food: char kway teaw
35. Drink: iced tea lemon
36. Bottoms: pants?
37. Flower: adoyai..carnations leh x?
38. Animal: cats!!!!!!
39. Colour: pink,purple,white
40. Movie: yg worth utk ditgk
41. Subject: dunnola..chemist??


42. [] falling in love with someone.
43. [] celebrate Halloween
44. [x] had your heart broken
45. [x] went over the minutes/ texts on your cellphone
46. [] had someone question my sexual orientation
47. [] got pregnant
48. [] had an abortion
49. [x] did something i regret
50. [x] broke a promise
51. [x] hide a secret
52. [x] pretend to be happy
53. [x] met someone who changed your life
54. [x] pretend to be sick
55. [] left the country
56. [x] try something you normally wouldn'try and liked it
57. [x] cried over the silliest thing
58. [] ran a mile
59. [] when to the beach with your best friend
60. [x] got into an argument with your friend
61. [x] hated someone
62. [x] stayed single for a whole year


63. Eating: xmkn ape pon..
64. Drinking: water kuler kc
65. Listening to: bunyi kipas berpusing
66. Sitiing or laying: Sitting.
67. Waiting: my bro,ble nk dtg nih??haha


68. Want kids?: satu team futsal mari...hahahhahah :P
69. Want to get married: opcoz
70. Career: pharmasist


71. Lips or eyes: eyes.
72. Shorter or taller: taller.
73. Romantic or spontaneous: romantic??hahha
74. Nice stomach or nice arms: ngahahaha..nice stomachla
75. Hook-up or relationship: Relationship
76. Looks or personality: Personality.


77. Lost glasses/contacts: xpnah
78. Snuck out of a house: hehehhe..yeahhh
79. Held a gun/knife for self defense: nope..
80. Killed somebody: nauzubillahi min zalik
81. Broken somebody heart: hmm..xnk jwb bole??
82. Been in love: yup2..
83. Cried when someoned died: pnah..tpikn,org tu xmeninggal pn..huhuh..salah paham.. :)


84. Yourself: yup..trying to
85. Miracles: yg dtg dri Allah saje
86. Love at first sight: yes!haha
87. Heaven: yup
88.Santa claus: never..
89. Superstition: tak
90. Kiss on the first date: cacat


91. Is there one person you want to be with right now?: ye kot..
92. Do you know who your real friends are?: yes..
93. Do you believe in God?: mak aih..mestila
94. Post as 100 truths?: ???????????
ni ak copy dri jiro ye...6 soklan ilang..nsebla...ak wat pon suke2 aje..

nk ar nk soh2 org ni :P


ramA said...

sila jawab soalan no 9. xP

kiki said...

"First best friend: pn xsure...da lpe nme kwn ak tu..tyme tadika kot."
HAHA name best fren pn bole lupe ek za. ekeke

Nur Zahidah said...

cik ramA: anda kuang ajo..hahahah
kiki: hahahaa,mmg lme btol..kwn tyme tadika je la kn...hehehe